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The clinical application of those waves has been proven to repair the injured tissue through:

  1. Improving the blood circulation to the injured tissue
  2. Resorption of calcium deposits in the tendon.
  3. Reducing tenderness
  4. Blocking pain impulses through emotional natural pain killers like endorphins.

At our facility, the Radial Shockwaves are delivered through the EMS Dolorcast unit. It uses a probe to deliver those shockwaves Treatment to specified tissue.

What to Expect at your first visit?

Our experienced Physiotherapist will do the assessment and develop the treatment plan. The Physiotherapist will explain you what shockwave therapy Treatment is and how it will help you through your pain. The indication, contraindications, benefits and side effects of shockwave will be properly explained before the treatment so you can make your informed decision for the treatment. If the shockwave is not for you, we will also inform you regarding that and discuss what other treatment options are available for you

  1. Patient Preparation:

The prob which delivers the shock wave has to be in direct touch with the patient skin. So, the patient should expect to expose the local area in order to get the treatment. We also provide the necessary patient gown or shorts as needed.

  1. Treatment time:

The treatment time differs with each patient and their tolerance level. Generally, it takes 10-20 minutes after setting up the patient for treatment.

  1. Follow Up:

The recommended treatment parameter for our Swiss Dolorcast shockwave unit is 3 sessions at 5-10 days treatment interval.

Indications of Shockwave:

  1. Achilles Tendinitis or any form of tendinitis
  2. Plantar Fasciitis
  3. Heel/Calcaneal Spur
  4. Shoulder Calcific tendinitis
  5. Bursitis
  6. Elbow epicondylitis (Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow)
  7. Patellar pain syndrome
  8. Shin splints

Contra-Indications of Shockwave:

  1. Blood clotting disorders
  2. Ingestion of medicinal product which affects the blood clotting
  3. Acute inflammation in the treatment area
  4. Tumors in the treatment area
  5. Pregnancy

Side Effects:

The following known side effects have been reported with shockwave treatment

  1. Irritation
  2. Petechiae (small red or brown circular patches over the skin)
  3. Haematoma (Blood collection under skin or in tissue). Haematoma is localized bleeding outside of blood vessels, due to either disease or trauma including injury or surgery and may involve blood continuing to seep from broken capillaries.
  4. Swelling
  5. Pain
  6. Redness

The side effects disappear generally within 1-2 weeks of Shockwave therapy treatment. The skin lesions may occur in patients with a history of relatively long-term cortisone treatment.

The patient must not practice any sports immediately after treatment. The immediate analgesic effect of treatment could predispose to injuries as a result of overstrain.

Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology, and veterinary medicine. Its main assets are quick pain relief and mobility restoration.

Together with being non-surgical therapy care with no need for painkillers makes it an ideal therapy to speed up recovery and cure indications causing acute or chronic pain.

Health Mantra Shockwave Therapy in Mississauga is a new non-invasive solution for musculoskeletal pain. Health Mantra Shockwave therapy is a new non-invasive solution for musculoskeletal pain. The extracorporeal shockwave therapy care is frequently used in physiotherapy, orthopedics and sports medicine. Applications are mostly associated related to the treatment of chronic muscular and connective tissue disorders, back and neck pain. The most common indications include painful shoulder, inflammation or damage to the area of an epicondyle of bone (epicondylitis), low back pain, Achilles tendon pain, patellar tendonitis, and trigger points.

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