Vestibular Rehab (Vertigo)

Vestibular Rehab (Vertigo)

Due to extreme workload, hectic life style, unhealthy diet, and insufficient sleep, we may encounter dizziness. However, it is abnormal when you start feeling a little lightheaded every day, without any reasons. You are unable to focus, see clearly, or even stand up straight. Even worse, you could have tunnel vision, in which you cannot see anything outside of a small circle for a few seconds.

Numerous factors and conditions might contribute to a feeling of dizziness and vertigo. When one experiences vertigo, things are a little different. While tiredness can produce dizziness, vertigo is typically the body’s response to an imbalanced internal environment. Even while seated, those who suffer from vertigo often describe a sensation of slowing down.

A person suffering with vertigo may find it difficult to go about their everyday routine. Thankfully, Health Mantra offers effective physical therapy for Vertigo. Through vestibular rehabilitation, we have found great success in identifying and relieving symptoms. The vestibular system’s sensory receptors detect motion and communicate that information to the brain. Impairment of this system may lead to Vertigo.

Some of the possible side effects include jerky eye movements, excessive sweating, lack of strength in your hands and feet, an inability to focus, trouble speaking, vomiting, etc. Sleep deprivation, unhealthy eating habits, and underlying medical conditions are all potential triggers for vertigo.

We are well recognized as one of the leading providers of physical therapy for the management of vertigo and other forms of dizziness. Give us a call and get your medical condition alleviated.