The goal of shockwave therapy is to treat a patient’s condition by delivering a series of low-energy pulses to the affected area at high frequency. Localized inflammation is triggered by SWT. This method utilizes the body’s natural healing reaction to alleviate pain after an accident. Because of this reaction, you can feel sore muscles, or uncomfortable for a few hours to a few days after your treatments.

Many disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system are amenable to SWT, particularly those that manifest in the connective tissues. If conventional treatments have not been successful in alleviating your condition, you should consider trying shockwave therapy at health Mantra. We have highly skilled, professional therapists. If there is an infection, tumor, and circulation or nerve disorder, SWT should not be used. It is also not recommended to utilize SWT if you are pregnant, have open wounds, or take blood thinners.

The advantages are-

  • Formation of new blood cells
  • Decrease in localized inflammation
  • Increased collagen synthesis
  • Decalcification of deposits
  • Address trigger points release
  • Bone restoration

A variety of sessions may be required to get the desired results, depending on the severity of the issue and the patient’s response. In most cases, patients will notice improvement following the first treatment. As the effects build up over time, most patients will require up to five to six treatments. The treated area should be avoided for at least three days.